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How I Coped With My Dog’s Euthanasia Process

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November 1, 2016 will be a day that we’ll always remember. It was the day our dog, Bailey, told us it was her time. She was just two months away from turning 15.

Bailey was a loving, kind-hearted, beautiful Vizsla-German Shorthair mix and loved by all who met her. When she was born into my brother-in-law’s extended family we had first pick of the litter, or should I say, she picked us. She enjoyed a wonderful, adventurous and spoiled life. As our companion she went everywhere with us, exploring new areas, boating, hiking, visiting, she did everything with us. She wasn’t a dog, she was our 4 legged child. icecreamtoy

A year and a half ago we were told by three different vets she had a brain tumor. As much as we wanted to refuse the diagnosis, we were determined to fight for her life. We changed her diet drastically and saw a new life appear in her. We knew she wouldn’t live forever and quietly, deep inside, we began the hard task of “preparing” ourselves for that day while still enjoying the moments we had left with her.

During that time, I came across an article written by a vet tech, which shared 5 things to do before you euthanize your pet. I wanted to share her article with you in hopes that when and if this difficult time comes for you, you’ll be better prepared and able to celebrate your loved one as we did with ours.

Thank you Bailey for allowing us to share in your life, mom and dad love you!

Here’s the link to Kelsey Beth Carpenter’s article:




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