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Camano Pet Sitters Maiden Blog Post

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A pet sitting blog? Seriously? I have to write a blog now?

I’ve never been one to really like technology. I remember watching the news when they announced home computers would be in every household. I SWORE that I would not have one. Then came along cell phones. I SWORE I would never have one of those either. In redesigning our website, it was suggested that we add a blogging function. No! No way. Not that, I’ll never use it!

You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

As with everything else, I gave in. I have accepted technology is here to stay and I need to jump on board. First, I created our pet sitter Facebook page. Apparently, everyone that is ANYONE has a Facebook page. According to pet sitter gurus, if you’re not savvy in technology, then your business will die a slow and painful death. That would be so sad.


Our Facebook page began a short time ago and has slowly gathered a few followers of more than just my son and my husband. I thought everything was hunky-dory until I started hearing from those pet sitter gurus again. Apparently, I have to start blogging now.

So here it is. Welcome to the maiden blog post of Camano Pet Sitters! I will do my very best to share a little bit of our lives here while trying to simultaneously amuse, enlighten and otherwise entertain you. Who knows. We may even learn something new. If you have any blog topics you’d like to see featured please, leave me a comment!

As always, thank you for your support!


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